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The Transval of New York
New York
Map of Bronx Borough; showing complete street system as finally adopted and present and proposed transit system.
Map of Property of William A. W. Stewart as Assignee for the Heirs of the Creditors of Jacob Van Wagenen
The Widening of Broadway between 32nd and 59th Streets
Lispenard Estate
222 Choice Dwellings and Building Lots
Design for Prospect Park in the City of Brooklyn
Map of the real estate in the city of New York between the south side of Washington Parade, 4th St. and the north side of Bellevue, 28th Street.
Valuable Real Estate Record, an Instance of Great Real Increase of Values in Property on Manhattan Island.
Map of the Common Lands from 59th to 76th Street
Map of Lands in the Ninth Ward in the City of New York.
The Crystal Palace.
City of New-York
Lands of Samuel B. Ruggles in the Twelth Ward in the City of New York
Map of Mott Haven Canal Docks and other Property of W. E. Rider and T. H. Conkling
Map of the Louvre Farm
Map of Property Belonging to Various Estates Between 129th and 147th Streets and 5th and 12th Avenues
On the harlem river, c. 1898. Washington and high bridges are shown.
[SS Aquitania]
Map of the City of New York with the Adjacent Cities of Brooklyn & Jersey City & the Village of Williamsburg
[Map of Lower Manhattan]
A Plan for an Elevated Railway for New York City, from Chambers Street to Kings Bridge
[Broadway and 13th Street]
New York Crystal Palace
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