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Byron Company 

Byron Company 

For half a century, the Byron Company (1892-1942) was one of New York City's preeminent commercial photography studios. Two major areas of specialization - stage and ship photography - provided steady work for the firm while it pursued thousands of other commissions. Important subjects include New Yorks social elites, street scenes, sports, buildings, and workplaces. 

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Byron Company 
Skyline of N.Y.
Theatrical, Arabian Acrobats on Roof of Hammerstein's Victoria.
B'klyn Training School & Home for Young Girls, Group Superintendant and Two Girls.
Albert J. Ver Bryck, Bronx County Court House, Third Ave. & 161st St.
Portrait, Ethel Barrymore.
Race Tracks, Sheepshead, Finish of Race.
Schools, Brooklyn Training School & Home for Young Girls.
[Broadway -- S.W. Cor. 60th Street.]
[The Residence of Andrew Carnegie Fifth Avenue 90th - 91st Sts.]
Garfield National Bank, 1899, N.E. Corner 23rd St. & 6th Ave.
Silz's August Market, 14th Street.
Church, St. Francis Xavier, 16th St. & 6th Ave., Jubilee Procession.
Hotels, Savoy-Plaza Hotel, Fifth Ave. & 59th St.
Plays, "The Wizard of Oz".
Residence, Dr. Gibson, Dentist.
Sports, Football, Columbia.
Parks, Riverside Drive, Grants Tomb, Driving, Soldiers & S. Mon.
Plays, "The College Widower".
Buildings, Times Building Under Construction.
Schools, Academy of Mt. St. Vincent.
Parks, City Hall and Buildings.
[The William C. Whitney Residence, Northeast Corner of Fifth Avenue and 68th Street.]
Plays, "Catherine."
Roof Garden, Madison Square Garden Theatre.
Building, Metropolitan Life, Mad. Ave. & 23rd Street.
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