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1939 World's Fair 

1939 World's Fair 

The 1939 New York World’s Fair was a significant marker in New York City history and American culture. It contributed to the physical development of the city through major infrastructure projects, but equally importantly, it captured the spirit of its era. The 1939/40 Fair is considered one of the most important cultural moments of the Depression era, reflecting the search for a more prosperous, rational future via science, technology, and the rebirth of consumerism. The City Museum's collection of World's Fair materials includes original design drawings for the pavilions, rare color slides, photographs, postcards, and more. 

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1939 World's Fair 
[New York World's Fair. Richard Wurts with steel frame of Perisphere and Trylon in background.]
[Life Savers Candy Parachute Jump at the New York World's Fair.]
[Dali's "Dream of Venus" at the New York World's Fair.]
[Distorting mirror at the New York World's Fair.]
[General Electric lightning bolt sculpture, New York World's Fair.]
New York Worlds Fair. Perisphere and Trylon steel frame
Last Week of the 1940 Fair [Night at the Trylon and Perisphere.]
Fountain Spectacle, Lagoon of Nations
Home Furnishings Building
Theme Center
Aerial view, 8th Avenue Subway Station
Proposed Concession Stand, Street No. 7 at Theme Plaza
World's Fair Hall of Music
Proposed Aviation Building
Proposed Aviation Building
Proposed Exhibit for the Packaging Industry, Interior
Early Study, Theme Center
Suggested Exhibit for Gardner displays, designed by J. Caponnetto
Exterior view, Fisheries Building, New York World's Fair 1939.
View of Town of Tomorrow
Trylon and Perisphere at the 1939 New York World's Fair
Eighth Avenue World's Fair Station
[Panel design - section division of panel C.]
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