The project to digitize the Museum's photography collections began in 2008 and was originally set in motion by Julia Van Haaften, then the Museum's Director of Collections, who spearheaded a number of important projects to bring excellence to the organization and management of the Museums collections. During the implementation of this effort, Amy DiPasquale served as the Project Manager, working alongside Lacy Schutz who assumed responsibility for the project when she became Director of Collections Access in 2009.

A small but very dedicated band of catalogers, photographers, programmers, and curators is responsible for getting almost 100,000 images uploaded to the Collections Portal. We congratulate and thank them all.

We are particularly grateful to Karl Fakhreddine and his colleagues at Orange Logic for building an extraordinary digital asset management system to power the entire Collections Portal -- a key component in enabling us to bring these wonderful images to the public. And we thank Analogous for the beautiful design.


Lacy Schutz, Director of Collections Access

Amy DiPasquale, Digital Project Manager


Mia Moffett

Allyson Ross


Susannah Broyles

Lauren Robinson


Ann Go

Juan Perez

Curatorial Consultants

Sean Corcoran

Sarah Henry

Lindsay Turley

Website Editor

Tom Reynolds


Chicago Albumen Works

Ken Allen Studio

Michael Ulsaker

Web Design

Analagous and Orange Logic

Past Digital Project Staff

Lucas Buresch - Cataloger

Emily Darragh - Cataloger

Anne DiFabio - Cataloger

Harlan Erskine - Post-production Specialist

Victor Fernandez - Collections Intern

Irene Gates - Collections Assistant

Andrea Hackman - Photographer

Regina Kokoszka - Collections Assistant

Joe Leavenworth - Collections Assistant

Aubrey McFadzean - Collections Intern

Morgen Stevens-Garmon - Cataloger

Cynthia Tobar - Cataloger